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Sports Athletic Tape Pre Wrap Foam

Sports Athletic Tape Pre Wrap Foam

Sports accessory: foam wrap is suitable for protection and stabilization on people's ankles, wrists hands and knees before doing sports and activities, it should be work with athletic tape

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Safety Material: Crafted from high-quality stretchy foam sponge, these sports elastic tapes offer a safe and smooth touch to the skin. The foam is easily tearable by hand, eliminating the need for scissors or knives. Securely wrapping it provides comprehensive protection for your body.

Versatile Bandage: Ideal for protecting injured joints and reducing swelling, these foam underwrap tapes are excellent for athletes dealing with sprains. They're also suitable for wrapping pet wounds, offering a simple solution without the need for additional procedures. Just wrap the tape on the injured area or use it to secure cold packs.

Color Variety: Available in vibrant colors such as orange, dark green, purple, royal blue, blue, and white, these athletic wrap tapes provide a stylish touch. Choose different colors to match your outfit, weather, or mood. With six color options, you can add a colorful twist to your athletic tape instead of sticking to traditional black.

Wide Range of Applications: Made from breathable, lightweight, and smooth materials, these sports pre-wrap bandages are suitable for various body parts, including ankles, wrists, and fingers. They are effective for addressing swelling, dressing wounds, managing sprains, and relieving general soreness. Suitable for people of all ages, including children, and even pets, these wrap bandages are also an excellent choice for covering tattoos.


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